With more and more people suffering from food intolerances and allergies from foods with so many labels on that are hard to define. The best way to find out what your allergy or intolerance could be is to write a diary.

You can use them to record everything from what you have eaten, drank and any medications you have taken. Most are for three months which is long enough for the symptoms to become familiar.

My top three which are all available on Amazon are –

Food Diary : Daily Diary to Track Diet and Symptoms to Beat Food Intolerances and Digestive Disorders by Quick Start Guides

Food Allergy Journal and Symptom Tracker, Discover Monitor and Record Allergies, possible triggers and Daily Medications by Graceland Journals

Food Diary and Symptom Log by Teal Bubble Books


The countdown has now began to National Baking Week on the 14th-20th October, 2019

There is no better time than during National Baking Week to set yourself a baking challenge and spend some Homemade Family Time with friends and family. The National Baking Week website has lots to offer with recipes, what to buy and lots more.

There’s such a variety of recipes available and they would like you to try something new and tackle more challenging bakes. If you’re pushed for time why not search for a recipe that can be made in under 30 minutes? If it is something sweet you fancy why not search their range of tempting deserts? And for Homemade Family Time, look no further than their Baking with Kids recipe section, perfect to give you all the inspiration you and your family need to get into the kitchen!

Also, watch out for our own recipes and ideas for easy baking at home. With Halloween not far away pop back and see some easy Halloween inspired bakes.


Hello, welcome to my first blog post for my website Leanne’s Dairy Free and Vegan Bakery.

If you haven’t had chance to check out my About Me page then I will briefly introduce myself. From being a young girl, I have always loved baking. Some of my earliest memories are of me “helping” my mum to bake pies and cakes and as I got older, I loved baking for birthdays and village shows. I have made friends over the years with others who are either vegan or dairy intolerant and struggle to find cakes and bakes that taste good, so I have worked on adapting and perfecting my recipes and hope that with my bakery, I can help many others enjoy cakes again

I only use the finest ingredients in all my cakes, which are individually handmade to order just for you.

I will be selling cakes locally and for those who want to bake their own cakes, I will also be selling recipe kits and subscriptions (nationwide delivery available). I would love to hear your ideas so if there is a particular recipe or cake you would like, let me know and I will do my best to make it happen!