You don’t need to miss out on all the fun of Halloween trick or treats as there are lots of dairy free Halloween Trick or Treats in your local supermarkets, or Amazon.

Moo Free Dairy Free Halloween Trick Or Treat Pouch By Moreton Gifts from Amazon.

Halloween Trick or Treat

Asda have Free From Milk Choc Creepy Coins (£1):

Gluten, wheat, milk and egg free choc flavour coins

Free From Trick or Treat Goody Bag (£2.50):A spooky collection of milk choc, white choc and choc orange button mini bags. Gluten, wheat, milk and egg-freeFree From Milk Choc Pumpkin lolly (£1):Gluten and milk-free rice-based alternative to milk chocolate lollipop. o

Asda’s range of trick or treat dairy free treats

Not only are they Free From, they’re also Vegan Society approved and made using sustainably-sourced cocoa powder.