From being a young girl, I have always loved baking. Some of my earliest memories are of me “helping” my mum to bake pies and cakes and as I got older, I loved baking for birthdays and village shows. I have made friends over the years with others who are either vegan or dairy intolerant and struggle to find cakes and bakes that taste good, so I have worked on adapting and perfecting my recipes and hope that with my bakery, I can help many others enjoy cakes again! I was diagnosed as being dairy intolerant when I was a teenager but lived with it my whole childhood not knowing what was wrong. It started with cream but my parents thought I just didn’t like it, however as I got older my symptoms worsened and I found myself feeling poorly whenever I ate a pizza or a lasagna and having to sleep it off.
My tolerance levels have continued to decrease as the lactase in my body is depleting with age which has forced me to cut dairy out of my diet completely. However, I am fortunate that I can tolerate lactose free milk products as I know many have an issue with the protein in milk rather than the lactase.
Growing up, there was not the choice available that there is now. I remember my mum spending a fortune on some soya cheese that smelt like feet when she opened it so she was not even cross when I said I couldn’t eat it! Fortunately things are getting much better and there is much more choice both in supermarkets and restaurants, although there is still a lot that needs to be done in this area.
This lead me on to why I have launched Leanne’s Dairy Free and Vegan Bakery! I hope to also help others by sharing my own experiences – there are many things to watch out for when trying to lead a dairy free lifestyle which can be particularly challenging if you have recently been diagnosed, so I hope my blogs will help.
I will be selling cakes locally and for those who want to bake their own cakes, I will also be selling recipe kits and subscriptions (nationwide delivery available). I would love to hear your ideas so if there is a particular recipe or cake you would like, let me know and I will do my best to make it happen!